What Moms Really Want for Christmas

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Welcome to What Moms Really Want for Christmas! As a mom, Christmas can be a stressful (but FUN!) time of year. I don’t know about you, but I am the only one who shops in my family, which for makes it stressful. I am in full on Santa mode and sometimes I love it, especially for my 2 year old. But I also get to that point where I’m like can the hard part be over yet?!

So I’ve decided to do a post about the Mom’s. The real Santa’s. What do MOMS want for Christmas? While I’m sure everyone has different wants and needs I’m sure some of us could agree on a few of these things. While my husband and I don’t exchange gifts, and we haven’t for a while now, these things would always be appreciated anytime of the year!

Ten things Mom’s really want for Christmas:

  1. Concert Tickets. I always see photos of people going to concerts with fun drinks in their hands, having a great time. And I always think to myself, man going to see someone I love in concert having a night off from kids with my husband or friends having dinner and drinks beforehand sounds like a blast. While it sounds like a blast, I am that person that looks at the price of concert tickets and thinks, should I really spend THAT much for one night? And I typically pass. Opening these bad boys up for an anticipated night of fun is a great idea.
  2. Take her shopping. Seriously. Just take her to whatever clothing store she shops at and let her buy clothes FOR HERSELF. I will refrain from saying “just give her a gift card” and you know why? Because when I am given a gift card for myself and I head to Target guess what I end up getting? Yep you guessed it, stuff everyone else needs. And while that is fantastic that it’s not coming out of my monthly budget, guess who isn’t getting what she needs or wants for Christmas? Yep. Mom. This idea also eliminates you picking out clothes that are absolutely wrong for your wife. HINT HINT.
  3. That new purse she’s been eyeing. Now I know women’s purses can be expensive. Chances are your wife or mom has had her eyes set on a certain bag for weeks/months but just can’t bring herself to buy it. But if this is the one time of year you really like to show her how special she is, get it for her. It’s the time of year where she is stressed out to the max focusing on your kids. Remind her that she is special too. You can’t go wrong with a new purse. (Especially the new Kate Spade Mickey Mouse Silver Collection I MEAN HELLO!)
  4. An overnight date. Once or twice a year my husband and I take little overnight trips. Typically it’s to a certain location to see our favorite band. But it doesn’t have to be. One of my favorite dates we ever had was before we got engaged. We went to a local hotel that people love, but we never stay at because our house is 10 minutes away. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and walked around the hotel. It was so much fun. You may not want or be able to vacay away from your kids, but you can totally staycation down the street! Another reason I love this idea is because when you are at home and maybe have a babysitter for the night, you fall into your home routine. This pushes you out of your comfort zone a bit to enjoy the evening a bit more. You are paying for it after all!
  5. A cleaning service. That’s it. That’s the gift. Schedule it for after the Holidays when life dies down but so mom’s energy. If you do this, you will win at life.
  6. A planned date night. This seems so insignificant but it’s really not. I can tell you that my husband has actually planned out ONE evening for us in our six year relationship. Which I’m not complaining about, it’s totally fine because it’s typically a compromised situation not one way or the other. But I can also describe to you that ENTIRE evening because it’s burned in my brain as the one night he took control and that made it special. And if you need something inexpensive this is it! We actually went to dinner and looked at Christmas lights. Cheap? Yes. But I can still describe that ENTIRE night. So memorable.
  7. Nail Salon gift certificate. This is a sure thing if your lady in your life likes getting her nails done. Even if she doesn’t keep up with them routinely, or doesn’t like going often. It’s time away to herself where nobody wants or needs her and she can do something for her. If she doesn’t like getting her nails done see the next suggestion.
  8. A Spa gift certificate. Spas are typically a good go to because there are unlimited choices on what she can do with the money given to her. If she doesn’t want to stick with her nails she can get a massage. Doesn’t want that? Maybe she can get her hair done. Endless choices if you are unsure on what exactly she wants. Not sure on how much to spend? Local spas typically have their menus online and you can check out the prices to better estimate.
  9. Down time. This one goes a long way. Give your wife and the mother of your kids time to herself. The holidays are stressful but the truth is being a mom in general is stressful. Let her go to bed early and put the kids to sleep. When she’s finished cooking dinner let her eat first and then do the dishes after the fact. Take the kids for a bit and let her take a nap or catch up on that show she likes but hasn’t seen all season. This stuff is free!! Now maybe you already do this all year round, and that’s fantastic but I’m here to tell you, it never gets old.
  10. Happy kids on Christmas day. Now I know this really isn’t something you can give nor can anyone depend on something like this. However, all I can say this year with a 2 year old who is still kind of not sure what is happening around her, is that I just hope she is happy. I hope that she is excited and she has that look on her face in the morning when she wakes up that is just pure joy and excitement. And in that very moment the exhausted Santa will deeply inhale and exhale and all will be content no matter what she is given on Christmas Day.

I hope you enjoyed my post. My husband and I actually do not exchange gifts on Christmas and I actually really like it that way. If the stress of money or just the overwhelming sense of the actual holiday gives you any sort of anxiety I encourage you to eliminate gift giving with your significant other. We exchange ornaments every single year. Each of us has one to open and we have fun picking them out for each other. As we age we will have tons of ornaments to grow with on our tree each year. Once we pass later in life our daughter will be able to hang on to the gifts her parents gave each other for Christmas each year <3

We Wish you a merry Christmas
We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Whatever you celebrate during the Holiday season I wish you all the best and a Happy New Year from Magically Marley.

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