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7 Tips to Making Your New Habits Stick

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It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Resolution time! How many of us start brainstorming in December about the healthy changes we are going to make in our lives? But then by now in mid-January, are already back to before by burning out? Changing your lifestyle is no easy feat. It takes patience, hard work, and commitment. So what can help you to make those lifestyle changes stick? I’m here to share 7 Tips to Making Your New Habits Stick!


Dig down deep and decide what healthy practices you would like to implement in your life. Find your snapshot of what you want your life to look like. What will it take to become that person? It can be anything from bettering your self-care routine, to changing your eating habits, to starting a workout routine, to just increasing your daily water intake. Stick to one to two habits at a time to avoid overload burnout.


Do your research. They always say, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”, and in this case it’s true! If you are wanting to start eating healthier, search foods that you enjoy and develop a meal plan. If you want to start working out, find a regimen that will work for you.  Pinterest is a great tool for finding plans catered to your needs. I also find it helpful to have a daily planner or an app catered to keeping yourself on track.

Bullet Journal Planning
Bullet Journal Planning

Start Small

This one is a huge one. Most often the New Year can propel people into this whirlwind of change and I’m a prime example. This year I wanted to get back into a work regimen, start cleaning up my diet, create a successful blog, and create a healthy skin care routine. But when I look at that list and I really ask myself, “Is this really all doable?” Well sure it is, but the likelihood of burnout is astronomical. I suggest to stick to 1-2 habits and focus on mastering those 1-2 things. If it’s a huge overhaul of your life my suggestion is start with one and maybe even break that down.

For example: You want to lose weight but your diet consists of a lot of fast food/fried foods, you don’t work out, and you need to cut out sugary drinks. That’s a great lifestyle change but still a lot to change at once.

So maybe you start with cutting out sugary drinks. Focus on that for a week or two, get over the headache symptoms it may cause you. It might not seem like much, but cutting out those drinks can make a huge difference. If you feel like you can manage something in addition to that, add in working out two to three times a week. Once you feel like you are down the right path of consistency, you can start to add in additional habits and take it as slow as you need. They say it takes over 21 days of repetitive action for a habit to stick keep this in mind before you add something new.

So remember to work slow on making massive changes and watch overdoing it too soon to avoid burnout.

Be Prepared

Separate from “planning”, when I say “be prepared” I mean prepare yourself for detours and temptations. When you are eating healthy you will face food temptation. When working out you won’t always have the motivation. When writing in your journal each day you may forget once or twice. This is where your commitment to your new lifestyle change will test you and you have to be ready for those tests. One way I like to prepare for detours in my workout routine is keep two free days open. I work out 5 days per week and take two rest days. If something comes up on one of those days I am able to shift my rest day and make up my work out on another day.

The hardest thing to face when eating healthy is food temptation. If your temptation is fast food can you avoid fast food forever? Probably not. But the nice thing about the internet is, you can check out menus before you go. Pick something that works with your eating plan. Find places to go that will fit your needs.

Simplify the Process

A major risk of burnout is when you try to make things overly complicated. If you want to read four books a month and it takes you a week to read one chapter, four books per month probably is a bit of a reach. Pick goals that are obtainable but also within reason. Once you have reasonable goals set yourself up for success by making things easy. If you want to eat healthier develop a routine and meal prep so your meals are ready for you. You want to start working out but don’t want to pay for the membership to a gym? Find a home workout program. Find ways to make working for what you want, easier. If you want to put on a night cream every single night before bed, give it a place on your nightstand so you see it. Always have your phone in your hand? Set an alarm to remind you, if you easily forget.

Meal Prepping
Meal Prepping

Track your progress

Tracking your progress can be a huge component to your success. Tracking can not only help you stay on track but it can also help you perform better. My workout routine has little challenges within the workout that requires me to write a number down. Each week I compare my number that day with the previous week. This tracking not only helps me stay on track but it also helps me try to be better than I was last week. With technology these days most tracking can be done right from your cellphone. But if you are a pin and paper type person grab a planner and record what you do each day and one way to make it better the next day or week.

And lastly,

Be Forgiving and Reward

Life is going to happen. So you missed a workout. You ate ice cream cake on someone’s birthday. Fell asleep last night before you could put on your new night cream . Got distracted and forgot about your water intake. Being forgiving and moving on back to your new habits is what will make all the difference this time. ENJOY LIFE! Have the piece of cake for someone’s birthday, but don’t eat the entire thing. You missed today’s workout? Set your alarm right now for tomorrows. Allow the detour to happen but don’t fall completely off the wagon.

Reward yourself when you hit your goals. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds and that seems, set little goals, and each time you hit the little goal, give yourself a little reward. Save the best reward for last so it propels you forward and keeps you working hard.

Life changes can be hard to make but so worth it. Figure out what you want to change and make a plan. Be prepared for temptation and detours to try to steer you from your goals. Track your progress and simplify the process to help you get there. Be forgiving when you make mistakes and reward yourself when you hit important milestones in achieving your goals.  

Tools to Help You


I love this one from Amazon Prime that features monthly calendars for all 12 months as well as weekly with tons of space for planning.

This one is great if you like to carry your planner on the go! This 5×7 size makes it compact to carry around with you!

Bullet Journals are great for creative minds who love to have an all purpose notebook. You can use the bullet journal to write, sketch, and even plan! Pinterest has tons of ideas!

Prep Materials

These meal prep containers are great for storing pre-made meals. They are reusable, disposable, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe.

Healthy Eating and Workouts

I happily use Beachbody Products for my workouts and healthy eating regimen. Above is a link to their Workout Streaming Service where you can access tons of programs from the comfort of your own home! If you would like nutritional assistance feel free to contact me at

If you are looking for cooking tips for a busy lifestyle check out my other blog post regarding cooking tips for busy moms here.

Thank you for reading 7 Tips for Making your New Habits Stick. Please follow me on Pinterest for additional tips and share this article to your boards!

7 Tips
7 Tips
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11 Replies to “7 Tips to Making Your New Habits Stick”

  1. I think the start small tip is probably the best one on here. When it comes to health, we all just try to do everything at once and that is what tends to perpetuate the diet cycle.

    1. That is so true, Brooke! We get so excited about the potential that we lose sight of we are doing way too much too soon!

    1. Rashmi, staying motivated is very hard! One thing that helps me stay accountable is finding an accountability partner with goals that line up to match yours. It can be a family member or friend, and you stay in contact to keep each other accountable!

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