Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

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It’s hard to believe we are already approaching the first Sunday in February. That’s right folks, it’s almost time for the Super Bowl. Whether you are showing up for the game, the halftime show, or just the social interaction, we can all agree we are all here for the food! I’ve decided to compile a list of healthy and un-healthy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas to use at home with your family or to take to a party!


  • Vegetable or Fruit Tray. You can’t go wrong with a simple vegetable or fruit try when you are trying to stay on track with your goals. Go for the carrot/celery sticks if you like something crunchy to munch on to avoid the chips and dip. If you are looking for something sweet and don’t want to dive into the desserts pick up some pineapple or strawberries with pinch of fruit dip. TIP: If you want a good dipping sauce but don’t want to use dressings that are loaded with fat and sugar try making your own ranch dip with greek yogurt dressing, buttermilk, and spices.
  • Pita chips and fresh pico. These can be on the healthier side if you can stay in moderation. If you can’t stop yourself from downing the whole bag and bowl, then maybe step away!
  • Deviled Eggs. These may not be the healthiest, but they also aren’t terrible. You can make them look like cute little footballs as well! TIP: Once again, if you would like a healthier version you can substitute mayo for greek yogurt.
  • Chili. This is a simple one. Leave out the noodles for less carbs and you can also substitute ground beef for ground turkey or bison if that’s more your style. You can also top with greek yogurt if you use sour cream as a topper (I personally do not do this).
  • Kabobs. If it’s warmer where you live and you can fire up the grill you could do chicken or steak kabobs with your favorite fruit or vegetable. If it’s not warm where you live you can also do kabobs on a sheet pan.
  • Chocolate dipped fruit. Milk chocolate dipped fruit is a great idea for a Super Bowl Party because you can make them look like footballs! Now the milk chocolate isn’t going to be the most healthy thing to have, however it’s fruit on the inside so if you are all about balance, have a healthy meal prior to and enjoy this little indulgence after! BALANCE!
Super Bowl Party Food Ideas
Super Bowl Party Food Ideas


  • Buffalo chicken dip. I love a good buffalo chicken dip at a party. Now this isn’t the unhealthiest thing that you could have but it’s so good! You also can make healthier versions of this. The main reason this is on the unhealthy list is because I make mine with cream cheese.
  • Sliders. You can’t go wrong with any sort of slider sandwich. Whether it be hamburgers, pulled pork, cheese steak. Any type will be a hit and most of them are easy to make!
  • Taco/Nacho bar. I like this idea because you can cater to all different kinds of people. If you serve refried beans you cater to those who don’t eat meat, if you serve chicken you cater to those who don’t eat red meat. Those who are trending on the healthier side can chose a naked burrito type bowl with veggies and guac. This one is would be a real crowd pleaser.
  • Dessert. The dessert options that are unhealthy are obviously endless. But if you want your dessert to stand out make it football themed! You can do brownies cut out as footballs with white icing as the laces, cupcakes with football icing on top, puppy chow with M&Ms the color of the teams playing. You name it!

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Hopefully one of these ideas will serve you well at your Super Bowl Party! Let me know in the comments what your favorite dish healthy or unhealthy! Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend and be safe.

Super Bowl Party Food Ideas
Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

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13 Replies to “Super Bowl Party Food Ideas”

  1. I really love that you have healthy and some not-so healthy ideas for dishes to make for a Superbowl party. I’ll be going to one and I forgot about the buffalo chicken dip! Thanks for the good ideas.

  2. I love doing the taco bar! It is my go to when I need to feed many people at a party. So true that you can cater to many different dietary needs. I love all these ideas!

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