Animal Kingdom Restaurants – Quick Service Guide

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One of the greatest things about Walt Disney World is the food. As a matter of fact, it can be overwhelming when planning a trip because there are just so many places to try! This week our focus is going to be on Animal Kingdom! Here is your Animal Kingdom Restaurants – Quick Service Guide.

What is a Quick Service Meal?

For those who may be new to WDW and haven’t heard the term “quick service” think of it like fast food. Usually, these are places that you can quickly grab a snack or drink, or you can have a full meal sitting on your own, without a waiter.


Mobile Orders

One of the great things about the My Disney Experience App is that they have developed mobile ordering through the app. In short, if you pick the place you want to eat at on the app and they do mobile ordering you can place your order through the app and head to the location for pick up. This not only saves time but is super helpful for parents with kids.

Animal Kingdom Restaurants - Quick Service Guide
Animal Kingdom Restaurants – Quick Service Guide


Anandapur Ice Cream Truck

This is a snack food truck that sells great soft serve ice cream, ice cream floats, fountain beverages, and even alcoholic floats! This snack truck is compatible with the Disney Dining Plan for snack credits.

Caravan Road

This location is a fast causal Asian Cuisine location that offers vegetarian cuisine with added seasonal selections. Additionally, Caravan Road offers select fountain drinks with water. This Quick Service is compatible with Disney Dining Plan for snack credits.


This fun kiosk has assorted snacks and beverages. When it’s hot this is a great stop for frozen drinks both alcoholic and non! This kiosk is Disney Dining Plan compatible for snack credits.

Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks

This kiosk bar has a variety of alcoholic beverages from mixed drinks to assorted beers and wines. It also offers various snacks from popcorn to chips and desserts. This snack location offers a great healthy alternative of hummus with veggies and pita if that’s more your style, along with fruit!

Warung Outpost

This location serves a mean margarita with a few different flavors to choose from. Along with alcoholic beverages they serve Coke products with an AK specialty Simba pretzel.

Yak and Yeti Local Food Café

This location is a great stop for any meal. They offer breakfast items including breakfast sandwiches and bowls. You can find something here for the entire family. For Lunch and dinner, you can find Beef bowls, Asian wraps, and even an American cheeseburger for those who wish for something without an Asian inspiration. The food café has a kid’s meal and a few options for dessert. Beverages include kid’s drinks, assorted fountain drinks, and a few alcoholic drink choices. This location is compatible with the Disney Dining Plan for quick service credits and snack credits.

Yak and Yeti Quality Beverages

This kiosk has Asian inspired snacks with the Asian chicken wrap and Ginger Chicken Salad with sides of pork rolls and assorted chips. The famous Turkey leg can also be purchased here. This kiosk has amazing alcoholic beverages and features seating under roof which is nice for shade or shielding from rain.


Dawa Bar

This location is a lounge that serves an assortment of alcoholic beverages. You can find specialty cocktails, assorted beers, and wines.

Harambe Fruit Market

This snack kiosk features fresh fruit, pretzels, and assorted chips. In addition to allergy-free friendly chips. This is a perfect stop for a healthy snack. They also serve Joffrey’s freshly brewed coffee and powerade.

Harambe Market

This Quick Service location has great options for snacks, lunch or dinner. They offer entrees including rib and chicken bowls, gyros, and sausage. They have plant based options in a roasted vegetable bowl and have a full allergy menu. Kids’ meals include corn dogs or chicken bowls. The beverage menu has a wide variety of regular drinks and specialty alcoholic beverages. This location is compatible with the Disney Dining Plan for quick service credits.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

This location is great for snacks or breakfast. They offer something for everyone with croissants and cinnamon rolls, quiche, to fruit and yogurt. Kusafiri offers hot coffee and cold brew and even has Irish coffee! For snacks they offer chicken and shrimp curry, quinoa salad, and assorted pastries.


This kiosk is your one stop shop for popcorn. You can purchase beloved souvenir buckets here and use it throughout your stay at all the parks for a refill of $2.00! They also serve various beverages and beers.

Tamu Tamu

This stop is a great one for those with a sweet tooth! You can get your famous dole whip here as well as a Simba ice cream cookie sandwich. The infamous twist on the dole whip at this location is called the Simba Sunset that has watermelon and strawberry syrup. You can also grab a cake ice cream sundae or a brownie sundae. Tamu Tamu offers dole whip with an alcoholic twist as well as assorted beverages and beers.

Discovery Island

Creature Comforts

This coffee location serves Starbucks Coffee and bakery items.

Eight Spoon Cafe

This kiosk is one to not miss! It features some of the best snack credits in Animal Kingdom! From the baked mac and cheese with pulled pork to the baked mac and cheese with shrimp and sweet chili sauce this is a great stop to split a snack or even fill up for a small lunch. This location is compatible with the Disney Dining Plan for snack credits.

Walt Disney Co.
Flame Tree BBQ. Photo Cred: Walt Disney Co.
Flame Tree BBQ

This amazing location is great for lunch or dinner. They offer amazing entrees from ribs, chicken, pulled pork, and ribs. They have a plant based option that features a plant based sausage sandwich. The sides to accompany the entrees are to die for and they have a full kids menu as well. They have assorted beverages including tea and coffee, as well as, specialty beverages for kids and adults. This location features a substantial allergy free menu and guests may consult with the cast members regarding their requests. This location is compatible with the Disney Dining Plan for quick service credits and snack credits.

*Writer review: Flame Tree BBQ has become a staple in our house. We loved everything they had to offer. The BBQ is probably the best BBQ we have ever had and my husband and I still talk about it! We cannot wait to go back! A special tidbit about this location I like to share is that if you follow a certain path walking down towards the water there is an amazing view of Expedition Everest’s mountain. It’s one of my favorite spots in the entire “world”.

Isle of Java

This location offers snacks and coffee. You can find your mickey pretzel here along with the Tiger tail and elephant ear pastry. Also, you can find Joffrey’s Coffee here, which is amazing! Some might even say it’s better than Starbucks! Additionally, Isle of Java offers a few alcoholic beverages which also includes an Island Cappuccino which is divine. *Writer review: one of my favorite snacks is the Tiger Tail Chocolate Twist. A chocolate and icing drizzled croissant that is similar to the Cheshire Cat Tail in Magic Kingdom.


Pizzafari is a quick service lunch or dinner unless you book the Family Style Dining which is now a table service. The regular quick service offers flatbreads, pizzas that are served with a small Caesar salad, and they also offer a plant based option. They feature kids’ meals that include macaroni and cheese or cheese pizza. Pizzafari offers a wide menu for those with allergies as well! This location is compatible with the Disney Dining plan with quick service credits.

Terra Treats

This location offers select pizzas and the famous spaghetti and meatball cupcake! You can also find assorted beverages and alcoholic beverages.

Animal Kingdom Restaurants - Quick Service Guide
Animal Kingdom Restaurants – Quick Service Guide


Dino Bite Snacks

This snack location has assorted ice cream treats from waffle cones, sundaes, cookie sandwiches, and floats. As well as, chips and mickey pretzels. This location serves assorted beverages including beer. This Snack location is compatible with Disney Dining Plan for snack credits.

Dino Diner

This location offers a variety of snacks with a southwestern twist. You can find chips and queso and various other dishes along with hot dogs and chips. Assorted beverages are offered here as well as, alcoholic beverages.


This location has great options for lunch and dinner. You can find great burgers, chicken sandwiches, shrimp, and salads here. There is a plant based southwestern burger and the sides feature fries and fruit. In addition, this location also offers ice cream shakes, iced coffee and margaritas and beer. This location is compatible with the Disney Dining plan with quick service credits.

Trilo Bites

This location has a variety of offerings from buffalo chicken chips to chocolate soft serve with bugs on top! Usually, this is a great place to get a snack especially for kids. Beverages include assorted fountain drinks and alcoholic drafts.

Main Entrance

Safari Bar

This bar located at the entrance of Animal Kingdom features a wide variety of cocktails, drafts, wine, and signature martinis. Located in the Rainforrest café!

Animal Kingdom Restaurants - Quick Service Guide
Animal Kingdom Restaurants – Quick Service Guide


Pongu Pongu

This location is great for any meal. You can find French toast sticks for breakfast or have a snack equipped with a pretzel and beer cheese sauce. Pongu Pongu is known for its Pongu Lumpia which is a pineapple cream cheese spring roll and drinks like Night Blossom with Passion Fruit Boba Balls.

Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li is the hit of Pandora. Stop here for lunch or dinner for their specialty meat bowls and the famous Cheeseburger steamed pods. There is a plant based option of the crispy fried tofu bowl and kids offerings including chees quesadillas. Beverages include specialty Pandoran Sunrise and you can even enhance your beverages with Glowing Unadelta Seeds! This location is compatible with the Disney Dining plan with quick service credits.

Animal Kingdom Restaurants - Quick Service Guide
Animal Kingdom Restaurants – Quick Service Guide

You can make your dining plan selections on Walt Disney World’s website. For what’s new in Walt Disney World in 2020 check out my blog post here!


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