Valentine’s Day Traditions for Kids

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As an adult, I could care less about Valentine’s Day. But that’s because I love my relationship with my husband every day, not any more or any less on February 14th. But one thing my parents did while I was growing up was show love to me on Valentine’s Day. So here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day Traditions for Kids.

I think it is extremely important to show love to your kids on Valentine’s Day, especially as they age. I know in grade school other kids would get presents from boys or girls they were interested in, and I never wanted to feel left out. You can never remind your kids enough how much you love them and what better time to remind them?!

Valentine’s Day Traditions for Kids

A Gift

A special gift to wake up to. This gift can be anything! Maybe it is something they’ve been wanting or maybe it is something you want to get for them because they’ve been eyeing it but haven’t asked for it.

Writer tip: I know some of you are thinking buy a gift for Valentine’s Day? We just had Christmas! I was thinking this too. Until I saw that all of the toys were on sale in late January that didn’t sell for Christmas at like 75-90% off! I scored a doll for my daughter’s gift that was normally 25.99 for around 5$! You can also hoard something you may have bought for Christmas if you feel like you have too much, and save it for the day of love!

Baking with Mom

Baking with Mom. If you are less into the “gift giving” idea and are more into the special time spent, this is a great idea and very cost efficient. Work Valentine’s Day baking into your grocery budget and since Valentine’s Day is on the weekend this year, spend the evening baking your favorite dessert for some one on one time! To add in some craft time, decorate your own matching aprons to wear!

Writer tip: Use these tools for your baking night!

Valentine's Day Traditions for Kids
Valentine’s Day Traditions for Kids

Date Night

A special date with mom or dad. Now this one may cost you some, but it doesn’t have to! It’s never too early to show your son or daughter how they should be treated. Dress up and take your little prince or princess out on the town to their favorite restaurant. It can even be more laid back with a trip to the ice cream place! You can even forego spending money and make their favorite meal at home and watch their favorite movie with them. One on one time with mom or dad is always a sure win!

Hand Written Card

A special note or card. This one is an easy and cost efficient way to tell your son or daughter just how much they mean to you. If you are really into not spending money you can even print one off the computer or hand make it with a personal note inside. This is something we will always do for our daughter to tell her just how much she means to us.

Writer tip: spend a day in January crafting Valentine’s Day cards with your little one’s for your significant other! Have your little guy or girl make mom or dad a card and they will love seeing their face opening it up!


Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Chances are Valentine’s Day is on a school day so spending the day with your child may not be on the menu, but you can get up early and make them their favorite breakfast! They will enjoy it before they go to school kicking their day off with love. To take it a step further if your child enjoys making meals with you, include them!

Writer’s tip: Follow me on Pinterest here and check out my favorite French Toast Casserole Pin on my recipes board!

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt. With Valentine’s Day being in February weather can often get in the way of your plans. If your kids are younger have a fun game at home by giving them clues to find little gifts around the house. You can hide little gifts (think Dollar Store style to how expensive you want to go), candy, or even little paper heart that have loving sayings on them. Not only does it make them smile but it also makes their brain work!

Valentine's Day Traditions for Kids
Valentine’s Day Traditions for Kids

There are tons of things you can do that can be inexpensive for your kids on Valentine’s Day. By you making their day extra special it reminds them that you care! How do you plan to spend Valentine’s Day with your little ones?

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20 Replies to “Valentine’s Day Traditions for Kids”

  1. I love these ideas! Since Valentine’s is on a Friday this year, I planned to make little heart pancakes for breakfast and have them wake up to their small gifts with a cute note! Then after school we will make heart shapes cookies. I am liking the scavenger hunt idea and may incorporate that. It would be so much fun and I’m sure the kiddos would love it!

  2. These are great ideas. I can’t wait to make cookies with my kids for valentines day. I am not much for the holiday myself but I do love making heart shaped pancakes 🙂

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