Valentine’s Day Dates on a Budget

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Last year my husband opened up a business which means funds have been tight. Even when we have a little bit of extra money to spend we save it, just in case it’s needed later. This makes it incredibly hard when days like Valentine’s Day come around. So henceforth my sharing of Valentine’s Dates on a Budget!

There are plenty of things to do without breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day. The day doesn’t always have to be about an expensive meal or the most expensive jewelry. As long as you are spending time with your loved one that’s all that matters!

6 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Dates on a Budget

Valentine's Day Dates on a Budget
Valentine’s Day Dates on a Budget

Cook at Home with your Partner and Watch a Movie

Most Valentine’s celebrations include a meal. Instead of spending money out cook at home with your significant other! Spend time together by cooking the meal with each other. Once the meal is finished cap the night off with dessert and watching a movie that you already have (or that is included with a subscription you have).

Gift Each Other With Alone Time

My husband and I are new parents. Our daughter, Marley is 2 years old so alone time is hard to come by. This year I am gifting my husband with a night alone. This NEVER happens. My mother in law knows that we cannot afford to celebrate and has offered to have a sleep over at her house. Therefore, my husband and I get a night alone that is hard to come by, and she gets to spend time with her granddaughter! This gift to him was totally free and much needed.

Go Out For Dessert

Don’t have the money for an entire meal? Simply go out for dessert! You can find dessert places that will cost you less than 20$ and still have a wonderful time. My husband and I love dessert and often we are too full to eat it after a meal. Have a light meal at home and head out for your date for dessert. You can have a great conversation over ice cream sundaes!

Have Drinks and Play Games

Have small kids without a babysitter? After you put your kids to bed, whip up your favorite drinks and appetizers and play board games. Play two games, so you each get to pick one game, and get competitive! There’s nothing like some friendly competition to add to your date night.


I know this doesn’t scream romantic but hear me out. Some of us love the sense of feeling needed and volunteering is a great way to do it. There are many ways you can offer up your time but one that sticks out is playing with shelter dogs! Locally here our shelter lets you take dogs out on dates and bring them back within a few hours. Sharing this moment with your partner is a great, free, but different way to spend your holiday. Not only do you get to spend time with the one you love but you also get to make a difference somehow.

Make Homemade Cookies and Cocoa

With Valentine’s Day being in February the winter month makes it difficult to do anything outdoors. If you are in the brunt of winter stay indoors and make cocoa and cookies and binge watch your favorite show! My husband and I love finding a new show to get into together and this is the perfect time! You can even make it a weekend affair and do a different dessert each night. Our favorite Netflix shows right now are Friends (such a classic), You, Boy Meets World (ah, the nostalgia), and Ozark! Cookie mix and cocoa will definitely not break your budget especially if you work it into your grocery budget!

Valentine's Day Dates on a Budget
Valentine’s Day Dates on a Budget

I know these ideas might not seem like much because you are trying to save money, but in the end it’s all about time time spent, not how you spend it! I hope you enjoy your holiday with your special someone!

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17 Replies to “Valentine’s Day Dates on a Budget”

    1. Thanks! Most nights we go to be early with a young toddler but sometimes it’s worth it to stay up to spend time together!

  1. Honestly, aying games / having a game and movie night is one of the best things you can do, even on non occasion! We get so competitive but have so much fun with it that we try to it at least one month. Starting this trend on Valentine’s Day is definitely a must!

  2. My husband and I don’t really like Valentines day, since we both do cute things randomly without having a “day” to do it on, but these are good ideas! Alone time is what we need, since we live with his parents right now trying to save for a house. haah! Thanks for sharing girl!

    1. We don’t care for it either, and normally don’t do anything elaborate however, with a 2 year old we take all the alone time we can get! Right now we like making holidays special for her!!

  3. Good ideas for saving money, especially after the holidays. It’s nice to be able to show someone you care even if it isn’t spending money on doing something or buying items that will just sit around!

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